Our center offers a maximum capacity of 17 guests in single beds and up to 24 if there are some shared double beds, spread over 5 houses and two suites. All the houses and suites are equipped with private bathrooms, heating, internet, TV and all the amenities.

In our center you'll find lots of common areas where you can do a variety of activities, including a dining room, an indoor multipurpose room, an outdoor deck for fitness activities, a swimming pool surrounded by a deck, a bonfire area, a sauna, an organic vegetable garden, a communal oven, a barbecue and a picnic area, as well as the whole farm, with its trails, river, rocks and a whole natural universe to discover!

Common Areas

The Farm

There are 10 hectares surrounded by the Serra da Lapa and its simple, raw beauty of giant granite stones covered in moss, the Vouga River that hums in hundreds of waterfalls, trails flanked by ancient oaks, maritime pines and many other species of flora and fauna, which make this center a place to pause and deeply connect with nature!


The 5 granite stone houses were built or rebuilt using ancient traditional methods. In them you'll find all the modern conveniences associated with an ancient and evolving wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation.


The main house serves as a multipurpose room for any retreat. Facing the mountains of the Serra da Lapa, this large room with a fireplace and underfloor heating gives direct access to a large deck where the swimming pool is located.
It is in this house that you will find the two suites: Magnolia and Jasmim, and it is really the heart of this center.


If you need facilitators in multiple holistic areas to complement your retreat, we invite you to get to know our team of facilitators and internal collaborators and see if the tools they share and their own energy resonate with you!


We are holistic beings where all the fields interconnect and influence each other constantly. The center collaborates with various facilitators and therapists who are available to integrate your retreat and give body and voice to what you want to share with your community!


The center has a conventional swimming pool, an outdoor bonfire area, many natural pools along the river and a sauna, built in an old mill above the river Vouga. You can use all these facilities at
your retreat.


Vegetarian meals including breakfast, brunch and dinner are available to retreat participants.

Water, tea, coffee, cookies and other treats are available throughout the day.
We will try to accommodate any dietary restrictions within our means.