Casa do Castelo - Local Accommodation

Located in the historic area of Sernancelhe, Casa do Castelo offers you a familiar and welcoming atmosphere where the antiquity of the 12th century façade and "Porta do Sol" blends with modern comfort. This local accommodation consists of 6 double suites with private bathrooms where each room has a unique charm and decoration worthy of a king or queen. This house is a haven for those who want to go up to Aldeia da Lapa or venture along the Caminhos de Santiago; it is the ideal starting point for exploring the paths and charms that lead us to the Castles present in this region and to the leafy Soutos and immense patches of chestnut trees of the Martainha variety that are part of the legacy of several generations that place Sernancelhe as the "Land of the Chestnut".

We hope you feel at home here, where guests are royalty.

D. Beatriz

D. Dinis

D. Inês Castro

D. Maria II

D. Pedro

D. Sebastião

Check in: 16:00-20:00
Check out: until 12:00

We hope that here, where guests are royalty, you will feel at home.